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Wall Carpet| Antique Wall Carpet Traders

wall carpet is a kind of flooring. This product is made of acrylic, polypropylene and polyester materials or a combination thereof. The carpet can be used both as a coating and as a thermal and acoustic insulator. Carpet is used as floor coverings and corridors in buildings, cars, aircraft, trains and other vehicles. Carpet is used in many other cases as well. If you want to find out what is the best wall carpet to suit your needs and find out the price of this product, read the article below …

Wall Carpet| Antique Wall Carpet Traders

Is Carpet good for soundproofing?

Is Carpet good for soundproofing? Today, noise pollution is one of the major human problems. Noise pollution is not as annoying as germs in the air. But sleep disrupts us, raises stress, disrupts our privacy, and generally lowers our quality of life. Fortunately, several methods are currently being devised to reduce sound transmission and acoustic insulation. The most effective methods are those used during construction, inside walls or other structural elements of the building. Others are methods that are very simple to implement, but far less effective. Using absorbent sound materials on floors, walls, and ceilings can help to eliminate this problem. Sound insulation, such as carpeting, can prevent sound from passing through. Even avoid hard floors, such as ceramics, concrete and wood.

Carpet and its benefits include interesting options. Which is more visible than other flooring such as parquet, laminate or stone. If we have the right information about the advantages and disadvantages of existing flooring, we can definitely make a better choice. We all know that the carpet’s acoustic properties minimize the extra ambient sound. Nowadays our urban spaces are full of various noise and noise pollution. Think of it as carpeting so much of the unwanted sounds of the environment can be reduced. And as we all know, a quieter environment will lead to more relaxation in the behavior of those present.

Are carpet tiles better than carpet?

Are carpet tiles better than carpet?Tile wall carpet, beautiful wall carpet but no carpet disadvantages!

What do you want for a floor cover? wall to wall carpet designs? Function? Quality? Value? environment lover? If you want all these features together, tile carpeting is the best option. All owners of industries, airports, business centers, offices, banks, organizations and all large and small scale high-rise businesses can benefit from wall carpet tiles. Tile carpeting offers a wide range of possibilities to interior architects and designers, providing the opportunity to create completely different designs with the use of a variety of colors and textures. It is also possible to install tile carpeting in places that are directly related to soil and all types of sediment, since tiles can be moved in case of any potential problems. Tile or modular carpeting offers you many features and benefits, some of which are:

  • Easy to clean and install tile carpet: If you have hard spots on your carpet, simply remove the desired carpet and re-place it after washing and cleaning. However, with this unique feature, you do not need to replace the entire carpet area, and only removing the carpet tile and replacing it will allow you to re-use it.
  • It is important to pay attention to the durability and beauty of the tile carpet when designing and manufacturing it. This feature has preserved all the visual and functional features of the tile carpet during its useful life. In addition, Thai carpets will allow you to create different designs. In short, Thai carpets can best suit the environment in front of you.
  • Unlimited design flexibility in Tile carpet: Since tile carpets are manufactured in a modular way, you can combine design, color and texture to create a fully customized and modern design. It also combines different conditions in your environment with other floor coverings to create aesthetic and visual effects.
  • Tile carpets can be installed and run in all directions so that you can see the best color match in your design. If you need a new design over time, you will be able to move your carpet tiles and implement a new design.
  • Optimized tile carpet performance: For high-traffic areas such as malls, airports, offices, banks, companies and restaurants where wear and tear are among the most important threats to floor coverings, tile carpeting is the best option. In contrast, these conditions appear in the most ideal way possible. In general, the proper performance of tile carpets has made these types of carpets the most used flooring in high-end spaces.
  • High durability of Tile carpet: The life cycle measurements of many floor coverings have proven their inability to be present in high-rise spaces, but assessing the shelf life of tile carpets after installation in high-rise spaces and with different uses has provided them with extremely high durability. The damaging factors of such spaces have been proven. In fact, tile carpets are a long-lasting and useful solution for high-end spaces due to their high durability and the ability to be re-installed in other environments and at a very low cost when installing. Industry will bring along.
  • Quick and easy tile carpet installation: The ease of installing tile carpets is remarkable compared to other types of floor coverings. Since all carpet tiles are of defined size, it is very easy to calculate the required amount.

Also, due to the different layout of the carpet tiles, each space can have a different layout and installation. In the process, paying attention to the technical information behind the tiles can be very helpful. You can always use this information when changing carpet designs.


Bestselling wall carpets in the market

Bestselling wall carpets in the marketIt is very important for many people to have a lot of warmth and calmness in their home environment, which can naturally happen with the help of various factors and features in the home. One way to heat the house and somehow, cozy it, is to use carpet on the floor of the house. It is very important for many people that the whole house or parts of it be carpeted. For this reason, here’s a guide to buying a carpet to let you know the tips and tricks you need to make the right purchase. So stay with us until the end. Match carpets are the oldest generation of carpets that still have their fans. The most important feature of these types of carpets is their cheap and affordable price. Other features of this type of carpet can be the low diameter and roughness of them can be the same may reduce the comfort of match carpet.

Which colors and patterns of wall carpets are more popular?

Which colors and patterns of wall carpets are more popular?Actully, in order to make a good choice when buying a carpet you need to know and pay attention to the carpet. For example, you need to determine for yourself what kind of carpet you want. For example, do you prefer highlights or simple? To do this, you also need to know the characteristics of each of those categories, such as high-end carpeting, sweeping and cleaning are much more difficult than simple carpeting. Next to this, know exactly where you want the carpet to be, as it can have many more things to do; Things like the amount you have to pay for, need regular cleaning, and so on. For example, carpets that are installed in the kitchen require more washing, and carpets that sit in living room or dining areas often require higher costs because of their models.

Carpeting is still one of the best flooring options for many reasons. Of course, when you buy it, you have to choose the type of wall carpet decor, thickness, and even the type of linen you want to fit. But the next step is to choose the color that needs to be done very carefully because it will have a great impact on the quality of your space and decoration. This selection is explained in several steps.

In wall carpet hanging stores there are many sample panels where small pieces of carpet types are displayed in a variety of colors. First, choose one or two panels depending on the color combination to suit your home decoration. Keep in mind that each panel of different talents displays a color from darkest to lightest, so you can easily choose your favorite color. The first step to finding the color you want is to remove the colors you don’t want.

Secondly, you should remove the darkest and brightest of the remaining colors. This is mostly due to the natural and artificial lights of the store and their differences with the light in your home. So it’s best to switch to lighter colors to eliminate the effect of light. After going through the steps mentioned, you’ll probably be in between two or three colors. In the final step to reach the final monochrome, it is best to take the larger carpet samples from the dealer and place them on a table next to each other. Large tiles allow you to see the carpet texture, the true color under the light of the store, as well as its color along with other accessories and to choose the most appropriate one. Note that the colors chosen in this sample were neutral, but you can do exactly the same for any other color.

The important thing about carpet color is that the carpet color when brought home after purchase is brighter than when the carpet was in the shop. Always the color you see in the shop is darker than the color you will see at home. This is a kind of natural vision error and you should consider it when choosing a carpet color.

Dealers and Wholesalers of antique carpets

Dealers and Wholesalers of antique carpetsIn the wall to wall carpet online market there are different types of carpets of different shapes and sizes that are produced domestically and abroad. What is certain is that if we want to have a quality product at the same time it is affordable, some brands will be able to compete with foreign brands in terms of quality as well as being affordable. Online carpets are one of the good ways to buy and sell carpets with brands that work on carpet production on these sites and provide the products of these brands with the guarantee of authenticity and good health of their customers.

Tips For Choosing Wall-to-Wall Carpet in a Modern Pattern

Tips For Choosing Wall-to-Wall Carpet in a Modern PatternWe help you make the right choice and don’t waste your money and time in vain. For this purpose, when buying and installing carpeting, consider the following: Carpet Installation For example, compact and high-performance carpeting are the most appropriate option to cover high-traffic areas, while velvet carpeting cannot be Places used because they are easily crushed. Consider After-Sales Warranty After-sales warranty is one of the things that should not be overlooked when buying a carpet. Different carpet products have different warranties and warranties that will help you with any problems you may encounter after purchasing a carpet. As carpet quality increases, after-sales warranty support increases.

Buying guide for different types of carpets

Buying guide for different types of carpetsBefore buying a carpet, consider the following:

  • Check the back of the carpet for the quality of the material or type of knot, the closer the knots are and the higher the density and compactness of the carpet, the higher the carpet strength.
  •  Remember that cheating is more common in famous brands, buy these items from the dealership so that you don’t buy counterfeit goods with inferior materials instead of the original. Be sure to ask and consider the warranty period and warranty service as well.
  • When installing make sure that all components are in one side for sleeping.
  • Before choosing a carpet, ask the dealer to tell you how to paste it, and it is best to know about each carpet wash.
  • Before going to the store and buying a carpet you need to have the exact size of the space you want. If the space is low, it is best to pull a small crocodile and show it to the seller to buy the exact size you need.
  • It is also advisable to install special carpets in carpets.

Cost efficient prices of the wall carpets for exporters

Cost efficient prices of the wall carpets for exportersIn order to be able to make smart and proper purchases you have to consider different criteria, including the price of the goods. For this reason, some online stores have online shopping guides and wall to wall carpet prices lists ready to give you a complete view of carpet prices and you can find the best deals by comparing them.

Biggest consumers and importers of wall carpets

Biggest consumers and importers of wall carpetsMany countries in the world are eager to buy Iranian carpets that have been exported to many countries so far, but in the meantime the Persian Gulf countries have a significant role to play in this regard. Carpet exports to European countries and the Americas have had an impact. Kashan is one of the hottest carpet producing hubs in the world. With 5 large industrial towns and more than 1,200 carpet production units, it is a major competitor to Turkish rugs. At present, Kashan carpets are mainly sold to 40 countries. Kashan carpets are mainly sold to China, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom and neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and the UAE, each of which requires its own quality machine rugs. 80% of Iran’s carpets are exported from Kashan.

For exporting a carpet to any country, a set of factors must be taken into account, because each country has its own art, religion, culture, and most importantly, the financial and economic conditions of its people. As mentioned above, the wholesale purchase price of a carpet may have the greatest impact in some countries. For example, carpets are exported to Afghanistan with very low density.

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