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Moquette carpet tiles | moquette carpet tiles at best price

Moquette carpet tiles

It is undeniable that carpet is an integral part of any interior decoration design and option as an appropriate flooring for identifying the various spaces of a home, office or commercial place, but why, over the years, the introduction of new materials in the flooring industry , As well as carpet, has not lost its place. Carpet is a French word (Moquette) and was first introduced to Iranian by European traders during the Qajar period. At that time, the use of carpets as a cover for the floors of the houses was common, but the carpet, due to its superiority to the carpet, could quickly find its place in Iran as a reliable flooring. Nowadays, carpets produced in Iran are produced by large companies based on world standards, which has made the carpet more and more present as a suitable flooring for the identification of different spaces.

From the past, various flooring has been used to increase the comfort and comfort of the houses. Carpets, rugs, rugs and rugs are the most commonly used floors in Iran. Felt carpet has been used for many years beside other flooring in the houses. It can be said that almost everyone has put on felted carpets at least once. Felt carpet is prepared in less time than the carpet, it is much more expensive than the carpet, and this makes carpet felt very popular. Felt carpet can be considered as the oldest carpet among different kinds of carpets. The sense of nostalgia of felted carpets is a reminder of the good memories and good weather we see from our grandmother’s home.

Felt carpet is produced by imitation of traditional mold production, but with the difference that in its production, machinery and industrial machinery are used instead of manpower. Felt carpet may be a layer or two layers. The process of producing felt carpets is that the fibers are first tied together and the fibers obtained by the rollers and the teeth are completely separated. Blazers are compressed through the passage of multiple rollers in a similar process to that of traditional felts. The compression process should be such that carpet fibers do not break apart and maintain their quality as much as possible during several years of carpeting. The most important thing about this type of carpet is that, unlike Tupping carpet, there is no texture in the production of felt carpets, which will increase the speed of production of this carpet.

Moquette carpet tiles | moquette carpet tiles at best price

Moquette carpets types

Moquette carpets types

Variety of color and design

One of the most important points when choosing the right flooring is its beauty and charm. Carpets are produced in various designs and colors thanks to the development of new technologies and innovations. In fact, the superiority of carpet in the field of variety is that, unlike other types of flooring, carpeting is highly colored due to the production of soft fibers. This makes choosing carpets as flooring to look at a lot of options and choose the color and layout of the carpet according to the type of decoration you want.

Cozy atmosphere

Compared to today’s prefabricated carpets, carpeting, ceramics, stone and parquet, carpets are remarkably thicker than the other floors. Insulating it helps keep the temperature of the floor up in the cold seasons and do not feel cold when walking on it. On the other hand, it has a soft, dense textured carpet, which makes it more comfortable to walk on them and provides you with more comfort for your space.

Do not worry about licking by using carpet.

The density and texture of the carpet can create more friction between the surface of the carpet and the objects on it. If you have young children at home, surely carpet will be the best option for you because you will not worry about licking your children by using this type of flooring, and also the softness of the carpet will prevent them from getting damaged if they fall.

Buying New Carpet at Wholesale Prices

Buying New Carpet at Wholesale Prices Flooring moquette carpet

As noted above, matt carpet can be a layer or two layers. Double-walled felt carpet is more thick than regular carpet felt, which is why it is more resistant to cold air from the floor to room space. Also, the double-coated carpet carpet is softer and durable than its typical one. After wrapping and producing carpets, the design on felted carpets can be performed in four ways:

Needle pattern

At the surface of the carpet, the needle pattern is created, with a special style in the carpet pegs. Matchmaking carpet as one of the oldest types of carpets used in Iran is a needle felt carpet that has been applied to all surfaces. Today, in needlework, various designs can be made on a carpet.

Heat plan

In the production of carpets with a thermal design, after the production of carpet, parts of the carpet in various designs and rolled up by a special device, is superficially burned to create a difference in terms of color and texture. This will give a special effect to the thermal layout carpet.


In carpet felt carpets, the design and the desired role are stitched by fiber of different sex on the carpet surface. This type of design was first performed by a delicate illustrated brand of felted carpets and gained popularity among audiences.

Printed design

In print, various designs, including fantasy designs, are printed by color printers on the carpet surface.

The company has a long history in the production of felt carpet, is one of the oldest manufacturers of this type of carpet in Iran, and with a variety of printing devices, it produces various designs and colors for felted carpets every day. The color variation and elegant felted carpet design make it possible to fit any space appropriately to the same location at a more affordable cost than other flooring, and also benefits the softness and warmth of the carpet.

What is the most popular color for interior walls?

What is the most popular color for interior walls? Moquette Exhibition Carpet

Carpeting, available flooring, economical and with convenient installation

When we look at a wide range of flooring used in the building industry, we will find that among the most common types of flooring, flooring carpeting is available and, unlike other types of flooring, after choosing the desired design and color in a short time The desired location can be installed and operated. Carpet prices are much more suitable than other types of flooring, so the use of carpet can maintain the quality and beauty of design and execution cost decoration. It is also important to note that the use of carpet in various parts of the space is one of the essential ways to change the decor of the houses. The brand has been producing standard quality and quality carpets by reviewing the needs of the Iranian society as well as taking into account global standards and indicators. Do not worry about covering your home or office by using our carpets.

Regarding the quality of the carpet in the first place, you must see how much you spend and how much time you need to clean it. If you are a little bored, we recommend you matching carpets. The old mockets are called Matching carpets, which are inexpensive, but tight, but even rough and thin but easy to clean, but you should know carpets Thick and stylish have more fan and buyer. These wrought-iron carpets that have a high veneering design are also used to cover the floor of the bedrooms. The price of wound carpet in the market is more upside down, which is cheaper or even more expensive in various designs. Choosing this model for expensive carpets, although it offers a great deal of beauty to the home, still has many troubles. For example, carpet cleaning in the child’s room has its own harshness, especially when carrots are added to carpeted carvings. To be

In the case of quality carpets, we must say that manufacturers produce a variety of carpet quality and pay more for quality carpets. Of course, quality carpets are available both in interior and exterior carpeting, in some carpeting types It has been seen that interior quality carpet is superior both to the outer and outer carpeting both in terms of price and quality.

What is the best carpet for bedrooms?

What is the best carpet for bedrooms? buy carpet

Carpet can be a very difficult and complicated task. Because for most audiences, due to lack of sufficient information, it is difficult to determine the quality of the carpet by looking at it. There are many hidden indicators in relation to the quality of carpets that can provide you with great information about the quality of the carpet you want to design and the color it has. All these indicators should be considered and effective in choosing to buy the best carpet. In the following, we will highlight some of the most important indicators and qualitative measures on the quality of a carpet so that audiences can also be sure of the quality of the selected carpet along with choosing their favorite designs and colors.

Weight of carpet

One of the most important indicators on carpet quality is carpet weight. The heavier carpet per square meter can indicate the durability and durability of the carpet, as the weight of the carpeting means that the diameter of each carpet and the density of the strands is higher per square meter. These two factors create a more robust structure in carpet. However, it should be noted that the heavier carpet in the event of a manufacturer’s failure, for other reasons other than the high density of the strings and the greater diameter, can not be affected by the heavy impact on the quality of the carpet.

As you know, new carpeting models for home flooring in the living room, living room or bedroom environment mean you can achieve superior interior decoration, which for a long time delights your home. One feature The superiority of the carpet to the decoration of your home can be comfortably, relaxed, simple, and stylish. If you look carefully at the carpet and choose a good carpet for your home, choose a suitable carpet without the use of designs. Busy and fantasy-wearing on their own. Because carpeting is the best floor covering for homes that use ceramics and stone. Stone floors In winter, if you do not have a proper heating system, it will cool a lot to put your legs on yourself with an unpleasant and distressing sensation. Since far-away carpets are home to the first choices of every family for their home-grown comfort and comfort, it’s the first choice. Carpets can be set with a variety of furniture and curtains.

What is a good carpet?

What is a good carpet? best carpet for stairs

Carpet density

Carpet density actually indicates the closeness of the carpeting area. This item can only be measured in Tuffing carpets. In felted carpets, because carpet carpets are not produced in a straight line, carpet density is recognizable on its weight. Comparing two carpet samples with the same fibers used in them and other similar characteristics, carpet with a higher density is more durable and more durable.

Fiber twist

Each carpet is made up of fibers interconnected (twisted). The number of times this fiber strand is interwoven is the main characteristic of carpet quality. The number of turns is higher. The elasticity of the carpeting is more and more durable.

Type of carpet fiber

After the density and the twistiness of the fiber of a carpet, we find the type of fiber used in the carpet structure that is very effective in determining the quality of the carpet. Polyamides, polyester and polypropylene are among the most popular materials used in the structure of various carpets. Each of these fibers has its own characteristics and is better in a variety of environmental and functional conditions.

As you know, carpets have different types of designs. But what’s important is choosing an appropriate carpeting design for the home, because the carpeting should be matched with home decoration, and it has often come about that the design of the house decoration of the house has undergone an uneven change with the wrong choice.

It is advisable to use small, light-colored carpets for small floor coverings to make your home’s room look bigger. Even though the carpets have fewer pearls, it will increase the room’s space.

But in the case of carpet for the home, it should be said:

Purchasing carpet carpets to cover the floors of large spaces has a great deal to do with the space, the smaller and more friendly it looks.

But in the case of plain carpet colors and patterned carpets, it is generally said that the color in the choice of carpets is the first letter because the choice of a dark carpet shows your space is more intimate, while a light carpeting easily places space As you know, cleaning your home is far more difficult, as it is known. As a rule, they are mattressed to make it look smoother. Carpeting can also be very suitable for covering floors that are not very good.

What is the best kind of carpet?

What is the best kind of carpet? wall-to-wall designs

Type of carpet texture and its style

 Indicators to consider when buying carpets. Type of carpet formation. Carpets are produced in a variety of ways. This method of production is influenced by its design and its texture. Consequently, some types of carpet have different characteristics and are specially developed for specialized applications. For example, tufted carpeting or tufted carpet loops that are produced in loop have a very long lasting durability over other types of tufted carpets, but many people may not like the designs of this kind of carpet that are special because of the production method. To be On the other hand, carpet carpets with a very long lace make it a delightful pleasure. But because of the long length of each string and its bend over time, they are not durable.

The Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt

The Best Carpet Color to Hide Dirt modern wall to wall carpet

If you are one of those people who want to use a carpet for your home flooring, then it’s best to note that when you are decorating your home with a cloth and carpet in your home, it’s better. Choosing the color of the caterpillar is neutral and simple, or ultimately having a normal texture, observing this point will balance the interior of your home, but otherwise your home space will be intrusive and completely The equipment in the home loses its attractiveness.

The softness of the floorboard used in the child’s room is the most important feature of the child, which must be taken seriously. As it was said, the child has more time to wake up on the floor, and rigidity can create a dangerous and dangerous environment for him when playing and playing the child.

Another important feature in choosing the perfect floor for the baby is its warmth. Children are not as resistant to temperature variations as adults, and are easily exposed to ambient temperatures. Hence, the warmth of the floorboard helps keep the child’s body temperature, especially during the cold season, balanced and prevents the baby from getting cold.

What color carpet makes a room look bigger?

What color carpet makes a room look bigger? Carpet color trends

Choosing the right carpet that can meet all your needs is not too easy. This requires knowing the tips on carpet and the differences between these types of flooring. One of the important parameters that has a significant impact on your satisfaction with carpet purchasing is the durability of carpeting. But the question is, how can a durable and quality durable carpet be identified from a very short-lived, useless carpet?

To do this, it is first necessary to provide a definition of durable carpet. Durable carpet is a carpet that does not lose its original state in ordinary uses based on its type and function, and does not change in indices such as color, elasticity of the lint and fiber cohesion. Of course, it should be noted that the shelf life of the carpet is 5 or 6 years old, and afterwards, the change in the quality of carpet is a natural occurrence.

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