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Moquette Carpet In Lebanon | Cheapest Prices of Mouquette Carpet

When we enter a space where the floor is soft, warm and intimate, we unconsciously would like to stay more in that space and enjoy it. Moquette t is one of the types of flooring that gives you a lot of comfort and gives a special character to your home. Moquette is used to insulate cold spaces from time to time to create a warm surface under the feet that has changed a little bit today. Moquette is often used for bedrooms, study rooms, under stairs, hallway and living space. Moquette is a absorbent fiber and reduces noise, It makes the room warmer in the winter and cools in the summer. You find moquette carpet in Lebanon in the carpet stores and even you can buy it from online stores.


Which Countries are the moquette fabric suppliers?

Which Countries are the moquette fabric suppliers? Moquette is a thick and heavy texture used to cover the floor. This can be made of natural or artificial fibers, which generally consists of a layer of crack and pepper in the upper part. Moquette is used to insulate space, create a level of warm and comfortable floor, reduce sound and add color to home decoration. There are too many countries around the world that are producing and exporting this kind of carpet. China is one the biggest producers and exporters of the Moquette, Iran and Turkey also are producing different types of moquette. You can find moquette fabric suppliers all around the world form online stores. You can find moquette carpet in Lebanon or other countries of the world in the carpet stores or even you can find the best patterns of the moquette carpet on online stores.

The most Sold plain carpet Types in the global market

The most Sold plain carpet Types in the global market As you know, In the market, there are too many patterns and designs for the plain carpets. There are over 1,000 designs for carpets only in Iran. This has made it difficult to choose a plan among all this. In the global market, Between machine made carpets, handmade carpets and moquette, Machine made carpets are the best sellers all around the world, because of its beauty and lower price compared to other types of carpets. Today, Buying carpet due to the existence of online stores has become an easy task. On the online stores you can see different types and designs of carpets at the shortest time Which if you want to do on the other markets it makes you waste a few days. Another advantage of online shopping is that on the online stores you can find lower prices of the products.

How many Colors does plain carpet have?

How many Colors does plain carpet have? One of the main centers of machine made carpet production is in city of Kashan in Iran. Kashan’s carpet like handmade carpets has eye-catching designs and roles with a variety of colors such as blue, carbine, Dark Blue, Gray, Red, Black, White and etc. As it said, plain carpet colours are so different,  All the colors that exist in the world, You can find in the plain carpets. Some colors like Blue, Dark blue, Gray, lateritious or dark orange, Brown are most popular than the other colors and this colors are best seller colors among the plain carpets. If you want to buy plain carpet, Choose a color that matches the decor and the room’s atmosphere. Neutral colors are suitable for most spaces, and lighter colors can make small spaces bigger. Blue and Green creates a gentle and gentle decoration while the sharp red or golden colors can make the big spaces more intimate.

Market of moquette carpet in lebanon

Market of moquette carpet in lebanon From ancient times to the present day, home decoration was used in a variety of different types of flooring carpets. One of these carpets is moquette, which today is produced in different colors and types. Moquette is a type of flooring that it has been taken its name from French with the same name. They are generally made of wool, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene. Today, Market of the moquette carpet is boomed with the arrival of new designs and models. Market of moquette carpet in Lebanon is also boomed and nowadays you can find different types of this flooring on the Lebanon’s carpet stores.

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