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Home customize design shaggy moquette

Home customize design shaggy moquette are just advised to costumers. There are so many points to consider when deciding to decorate. Decorating and equipping hotels should be looked at as necessary. Includes a cocktail or cushion cover that is also beautiful. Carpeting is important in preserving the appearance and beauty of rooms and various parts. It also affects the spirits of guests and travelers. On the other hand, the procurement and provision of it requires cost. Therefore, all costs, durability, and color should be taken into account. For example, a hotel with 200 rooms or less. It is necessary to use resistant carpeting. Carpet suitable for the position and capacity of the hotel.

Home customize design shaggy moquette

Carpet type

Generally, today carpets play an important role in decoration. Today, there is a tendency towards more fluffy carpets. And they consider it to be heavy. Especially for the guest room. Few lobbies and conference halls also use carpeting. This kind of carpet has a variety of items such as elastic thread, long lace and so on.

  • Carpet with texture and nylon fibers

This carpet is in different colors. There are large and continuous strings. And its softness is not so much wool. The soil is hidden in them. And does not show itself.

  • Carpet with polypropylene plastic

Material polypropylene is very hard and light. Which is used to overlap tubes and tubes. This chemical is widely used in the packaging industry. In contrast to light, it has more resistance. And in return, the moist and humidity do not open  Carpet type of reel punch

  • No cloudy. Cheap and affordable. It does not have a fancy. And in terms of resistance and price, it is very convenient. And hoteliers who are tied to the savings. They can use this type.

Home customize design shaggy moquette

Can carpet be used as wall coverings

Carpetting the walls is also in different directions. Of course it is more of an opinion. That carpet absorbs sound. It also provides a great surface for hanging panels. It is also a beautiful wall. In addition, the wall surface is soft and delicate. In addition, it acts as an insulator. Nails on the wall can never be seen. And this is a very significant design and decor. use Home customize design shaggy moquette.

Home customize design shaggy moquette

What to do to clean carpets

There are tips on maintaining, maintaining and cleaning carpets and floors. The care should be taken. The housing department should be the facilitator and guardian of this. In places where you can wash the carpet. That is, she regularly rinsed with shampoo. This should be a continuation. Of course, all carpeted parts should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner beforehand. The carpet installed should be cleaned thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. And its soil is well taken. Especially in areas where it travels a lot. For example, near the lifts and entrance doors. Here are the more careful things to do. It is best to clean these carpets periodically. Depending on their degree of dirt, they are cleaned using chemicals. Dry foam, steam or other methods for washing carpets is good. It can be cleaned with a spinning device. Made for this. Carpets must always be cleaned and dusted.

Home customize design shaggy moquette

What color does color have in carpet selection?

The importance of color should not be ignored. Because carpet paint is an important factor. Important to display the environment. What it looks like. Important. That is, controlling the visual space of the building. It is important to coordinate the objects and equipment that is there. Therefore, its color must be reasonably selected. Must be carefully selected. use Home customize design shaggy moquette.

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