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floor carpet wholesale distributors best price

Floor carpet wholesale can be a very difficult and complicated task. Because for most audiences, due to lack of sufficient information. It is difficult to determine the quality of the carpet by looking at it. There are many hidden indicators related to carpet quality. Which can help you measure the quality of your carpet that you like the design and color. Provides great information. All these indicators should be considered and effective in choosing to buy the best carpet.

How to determine the quality of a carpet?

In the following, some of the most important indicators and criteria affecting the quality of a carpet are discussed. So audiences can be sure of the quality of the selected carpet along with choosing their favorite designs and colors.

Weight of  floor carpet wholesale

One of the most important indicators on carpet quality is carpet weight. The heavier carpet per square meter can indicate the durability and durability of the carpet. Because the weight of the carpet means that the diameter of each carpet and the density of the strings is higher per square meter. These two factors create a more robust structure in carpet. However, it should be noted that the heavier carpet in the event of a manufacturer’s failure. For other reasons other than the high density of the strings and the greater diameter. Can not be affected by the heavy impact on the quality of the carpet.

Carpet density

Carpet density actually indicates the closeness of the carpeting area. This item can only be measured in Tuffing carpets. in felted carpets. because carpet carpets are not produced in a straight line, carpet density is recognizable on its weight. Comparing two carpet samples with the same fibers used in them and other similar characteristics, carpet with a higher density is more durable and durable.

Fibre twist

Each carpet is made up of fibers interconnected (twisted). the number of times this fiber strand is interwoven is the main characteristic of carpet quality. The number of turns is higher. The elasticity of the carpeting is more and more durable.

Type of carpet fiber

After the density and the twistiness of the fiber of a carpet. We get the type of fiber used in the carpeting structure. Which is very effective in determining the quality of carpet. Polyamides, polyester and polypropylene are among the most popular materials. Which are used in the structure of various carpets. Each of these fibers has its own characteristics and is better in a variety of environmental and functional conditions.

Type of carpet texture and its style

The last indices to consider when purchasing carpet. Type of carpet formation. Carpets are produced in a variety of ways. this method of production is influenced by its design and its texture. consequently, some types of carpet have different characteristics and are specially developed for specialized applications. For example, loop-tufted carpet tufts have a very high durability over other types of tufted carpets, but many people may not like the designs of this kind of carpet that are special in the way of production. On the other hand, carpet carpets with a very long lace make it a delightful pleasure. But because of the long length of each string and its bend over time, they are not durable.

Throughout its years of operation, the brand has always been trying to produce its own quality carpets of the highest quality. Variety in carpet production methods, along with a variety of fibers, as well as diverse designs and colors, have made this brand attractive to all audiences with every taste and need. All types of carpets of any thickness are sold in two types of roll and thai

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