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Black And White Pattern Carpet |Compatible & Luxury Designs of 2019

Black And White Pattern Carpet

We all probably had the experience of studying on the ground when we went to school. Even those with tables and chairs enjoy the pleasure of lying on the floor. What allowed us to enjoy lying on the ground was the carpet and the warm, soft floor that we had spread to the floor. Perhaps the question of where this carpet came from human life and how it reached this point has reached many of us. If this question continues, follow us on.

When a prehistoric man used the cave for shelter, he felt the need for subterfuge, because sleeping and walking on a hard, hard, cold place was a harsh cave. The use of animal skin and leaves of the leaves was the first step human used for flooring.

Black And White Pattern Carpet |Compatible & Luxury Designs of 2019

Where to find big Wall to wall Wholesale Markets?

Where to find big Wall to wall Wholesale Markets? wall to wall carpet prices square feet

The fact that the first human race has been sexually is not yet clear. But historians are more likely to consider using goat and sheep wool for carpet weaving. The first carpet weaving is also to Western Asia, that is the same round about Iran itself. In 1949, a carpet was discovered around Siberia, estimated at 6,000,000 years old for that carpet. This carpet is the oldest carpet ever discovered.

The first knitting machine was invented around 1710 in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. After that, the French entered the industry, and in 1749 the British were able to smuggle a knitting machine into the UK and enter the knitting industry.

Over time, weaving machines were made to remove one step from the carpet and direct the fibers to the floor. Using this technology, the cost of production of these textiles was sharply reduced, but at the time, these carpets were of low value, and, for example, these carpets were used as a blanket of the British Army. But nowadays, carpet technology has reached the point of offering the best quality flooring.

Which Countries are Famous for Wall to wall carpet Trades?

Which Countries are Famous for Wall to wall carpet Trades?wall to wall carpet trends

Carpet production methods

Carpets are produced according to different needs, as well as different use cases in different ways. We will introduce two most commonly used carpets in the following.

Woven carpets or needle-punch

In the “unwoven carpet” production process, the fibers are compressed into each other and mechanically reinforced with repeated penetration of the needles. These carpets are produced faster than woven carpets. For this reason, felted carpets have a better price than the rest of the carpets. Felt carpets may be a layer or double layer. Double-walled felt carpet with a layer of additional felt, softer, has more durability and more heat. That’s why it’s a better option for the children’s room.

Felt carpet is classified according to how it is made up to four types of carpeting, needle carpeting, thermal carpet and carpet. Using any of these methods, unique designs can be created on the carpet.

Which Models of Wall to wall carpets are cheaper?

Which Models of Wall to wall carpets are cheaper?wall to wall carpet home

Tufted carpeting or woven carpeting

Tufted carpet production is one of the most commonly used carpet carpet production methods. In this method, the needle shifts the fiber from the first layer of the carpet to the second layer, which is said to be bucking. If the quality adhesive is not used to tighten the fibers to the carpeting, the carpeting strength can be eliminated and the fibers break apart.

The company has succeeded in providing “Tufted Mute” to the company, using Tafting carpet technology. In this carpet, due to processes applied on its surface, there is a water-repellent effect. This makes the carpets resistant to dirt and contamination.

Tufted carpet is generally cut into one of the three strands, not cut, and a combination of these two methods is woven. Differences in the appearance of carpets are due to differences in their texture method.

Are old patterned wall to wall carpets cheaper?

Are old patterned wall to wall carpets cheaper?Cut Fibers or Cut Piles

In this method, after the fibers are woven, the head of each string is cut by scissors. The wider the size of the fiber, the carpet will have a softer surface.

Non-sheared fibers or Looppile

In this way, both ends of the fibers fall into the bottom surface. Carpet woven in this way has better durability than the rest of the methods.

Combination method or Cut-loop Tuffing

In this method, the cut and uncut strands are used. The reason for using this method is to create different designs.

The company, as one of the largest carpet manufacturers, has also tried to deliver the needs of the audience with every taste by providing quality carpets in various designs and colors combined with the use of world-class technology.

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