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Best Carpet For Living Room |Top 5 Models of 2019

Best Carpet For Living Room

It is undeniable that carpet is an integral part of any interior decoration design and option as an appropriate flooring for identifying the various spaces of a home, office or commercial place, but why, over the years, the introduction of new materials in the flooring industry , As well as carpet, has not lost its place. Carpet is a French word (Moquette) and was first introduced to Iranian by European traders during the Qajar period. At that time, the use of carpets as a cover for the floors of the houses was common, but the carpet, due to its superiority to the carpet, could quickly find its place in Iran as a reliable flooring. Nowadays, carpets produced in Iran by large companies such as the company are manufactured according to world standards, which has made the carpet more than ever known as a suitable flooring for the identification of different spaces.

Best Carpet For Living Room |Top 5 Models of 2019

How much Wall to wall carpets Trades make profit?

How much Wall to wall carpets Trades make profit? wall to wall rugs

Variety of color and design

One of the most important points when choosing the right flooring is its beauty and charm. Carpets are produced in various designs and colors thanks to the development of new technologies and innovations. In fact, the superiority of carpet in the field of variety is that, unlike other types of flooring, carpeting is highly colored due to the production of soft fibers. This makes choosing carpets as flooring to look at a lot of options and choose the color and layout of the carpet according to the type of decoration you want.

Cozy atmosphere

Compared to today’s prefabricated carpets, carpeting, ceramics, stone and parquet, carpets are remarkably thicker than the other floors. Insulating it helps keep the temperature of the floor up in the cold seasons and do not feel cold when walking on it. On the other hand, it has a soft, dense textured carpet, which makes it more comfortable to walk on them and provides you with more comfort for your space.

Is wall to wall carpeting more affordable?

Is wall to wall carpeting more affordable?wall to wall rugs installed

Do not worry about licking by using carpet.

The density and texture of the carpet can create more friction between the surface of the carpet and the objects on it. If you have young children at home, surely carpet will be the best option for you because you will not worry about licking your children by using this type of flooring, and also the softness of the carpet will prevent them from getting damaged if they fall.

Carpeting, available flooring, economical and with convenient installation

When we look at a wide range of flooring used in the building industry, we will find that among the most common types of flooring, flooring carpeting is available and, unlike other types of flooring, after choosing the desired design and color in a short time The desired location can be installed and operated. Carpet prices are much more suitable than other types of flooring, so the use of carpet can maintain the quality and beauty of design and execution cost decoration. It is also important to note that the use of carpet in various parts of the space is one of the essential ways to change the decor of the houses.

Are wool carpet the best carpet for living room?

Are wool carpet the best carpet for living room?wool carpet wall to wall

A good felt carpet includes anti-static fibers

The combination of antistatic with felted carpet fibers does not absorb the static electric carpet fabric. The presence of anti-static materials, while increasing the quality of felt carpets and strengthening its texture, also eliminates static electricity between carpet fibers. The presence of static electricity makes the carpet absorb the dust of the environment. This dust, in addition to being allergenic, also shows the appearance of the carpet as a contaminant and it’s cloudy.

The thickness of the felt carpet is also important

When buying a felt carpet, make sure the thickness of the fabric is checked. The thickness of a quality felt carpet is good at least 5 mm. This thickness affects the soft and warm texture of the carpet, and the high thickness carpet has a higher visual appeal.

Which Moquette Models are better for living room?

Which Moquette Models are better for living room?A delicate, flexible matt felt carpet

If you are looking for durable carpet, be sure to check it out for flexibility and smoothness. The greater the flexibility of the carpet texture, the more qualitative fibers are made and its resistance to higher physical elements is higher. The brand has standardized quality standard felt carpets by studying the needs of the Iranian society as well as taking into account global standards and indicators. Do not worry about covering your home or office with Felt carpets.

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